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Remain fashionably relevant and maintain the core value of Beacon Concepts Co.:  Functioning with Style

Beacon Concepts Co. provides unique and practical outdoor Paracord accessories for outdoor adventurers and misadventures. We pride ourselves on creating true survival Paracord products where users can rely on all aspects of our products for any situation. We want our customers to get as much use out of their Beacon products without ever needing to purchase a new one; that is why we offer an exclusive Lifetime Restringing Service.

We source our shackles from companies in Canada and the USA. Our Paracord is imported exclusively from US Government Contractors to the US Armed Services, which produce the highest quality Paracord.

Paracord has been historically used in the military as parachute cord and is made up of one outer layer that surrounds a core of 7 inner strings. These inner strands provides Paracord with high tensile strength that can hold upwards of 550 lbs. Paracord has been adapted for use in today’s society and we will illustrate its many daily uses in our newsletter: Rhetoric and our About Paracord page. 

Bio: This is Our Story

Bio: This is Our Story


Eric, a Paramedic, grew up in the core of downtown Toronto, Canada. As an outdoor enthusiast, his love of the urban adventure is as loyal and reliable as the loops he weaves in all our products. His respect for authentic quality in all his gear is rivalled only by the excitement for he has for a good food and drinks. 

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Photography by Keiko Tajima Eskins

Photography by Keiko Tajima Eskins


Sam grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Moving to the city of Toronto she has braved the concrete jungle of bus and plane rides. She wears the Explorer collection; the bright colours have served her well in daily wear and in the office.

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