Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas

The Beacon team recently came back from Las Vegas, Nevada where we took a hike around Red Rock Canyon. Our original plan was to drive to the Grand Canyon – in Arizona - and do some hiking. However, with so many things to cross off our checklist we decided to go to Red Rock; definitely the better decision.

Red Rock Canyon was approximately 30 minutes from our hotel, compared to the 1.5 hours it would have taken to drive to the Grand Canyon. It was a blistering 43°C - 109°F for our American neighbours - that day and the sun was out in full force. We made sure to pack plenty of fluids with us.

It cost $7 to get in and there was a nice observation area where you can look at the whole landscape; it was quite beautiful. The park even offered little buggies that people could rent and drive around.  We saw a family rent out a bunch; it was funny sight to see 6 different coloured buggies around the canyon. If you did not want to drive around yourself, Red Rock also offered a tour where they would take you to different stops and show you around.

We geared up and decided to choose our own adventure. There were many different stop areas where people could get out take pictures or go for a hike. The hiking trails ranged from easy-hard difficulty. We hiked along a few easy and medium trails. What I liked about Red Rock was that it provided different landscapes for its trails. Some trails were very steep and rocky while others were more flat, and others where you could do some bouldering.

We at Beacon truly enjoyed walking the trails of Red Rock Canyon, even in the blistering heat wave. We also took some pictures of our paracord bracelets.

Stay tuned; I will go over gear that I brought with me next time. 

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