Functioning with Style

Our mission statement is inspired by the designer's sense of fashion. Style is ultimately about personal confidence and a bird's eye sense of choice. When making a decision regarding colours and textiles, Beacon is defined by maintaining clean and minimalist look. 

We do not fear colour, rather we embrace the accents that have run the gamut of our recent fashion trends. Since Italian fashion houses such as Blumarine splashed neon all over runways in 2012, bright colours dominated street wear, nail art and athletic gear. 

Acid Purple // Neon Orange // Electric Purple // Neon Orange all add a bright and spunky accent of colour to any outfit: we have worn it in the office, with formal wear and travelling chic. 

What our certified paracord promises is 100% nylon content. US military Mil-C-5040 requires nylon because it is more elastic and doesn't mildew. Our 550 Type III is also 100% nylon as well and what that means for us is every Beacon piece is compact, comfortable and durable. We have washed stains off pieces ourselves and we promise the colour will always shine just as bright. 

Imperial Red // Kelly Green // Marsala Red 

Add a definitive colour to ever ensemble and could be a great way to add some variety to an otherwise black or dark monochromatic outfit. 

 Beacon Concepts Co. was created with function and style in mind. We have also set out to remain current and active. 

The rest of our Mil-C-5040 paracord fills our roster of utilitarian colour choices  

Black // White // Camo Green 483 // International Orange // Tan 498

Whether you are wearing it on the field or in the office, most of these colours are understated and subtle. Like all Beacon products, trust it will get the job done. 

We have sourced titanium and stainless steel shackles and clasps for all our survival bands and bracelets. Our creator is always experimenting with new knots and patterns and both the Expedition and Explorer collections are meant as statement pieces for the fashion forward individual.