Modern Day Bladesmith: Operator Safety and a Perfect Design.

“A warrior today is not a soldier, but a thinker and doer. It is about mindset, resiliency, and anti-fragility. Overcome hardship, always.” In an industry where flash and aesthetic is priority, Kos seeks to provide for imperfect heroes. His mantra is about overcoming hardship, traditional weakness and obstacles. The broken teeth pictured in the LBC logo are a nod to that exact characteristic

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The Beacon Project 2015: Project Dreamer

Dreamer – The Beacon Project 2015

This limited edition collection is a pet project of our team here at BCC. We have always been inspired by the biggest festival in the world, the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). EDC in Vegas is a colourful artistic experience and this collection will be given away to five very special people. 

Our creator was first inspired by HARD festivals’ recent banning of kandi. Since then, ULTRA has also banned kandi, of one of the more innocent parts of the culture, along with everything else "except for clothes". Clothes are currently still marginally acceptable. This is kandi you can wear to every festival and every day.

The origin of kandi and the kandi kids who choose to spread joy through an inexpensive icebreaker often found in electronic music festivals and we would like to think - daily life. To capture the intention behind a kandi exchange, pieces from this line are loud in colour with a subtle message for peace and unity. All pieces are made with the same love and respect Beacon has for all its products and those who wear it. Intended for functioning style bands that can be used to attach a water canister to a belt loop or fanny pack or simply retain that same kandi message and exchange in an alternative style choice.

What: We would like to hear your story so send us a brief message and let us interview you. We want to feature how the same accepting and positive spirit you have at EDC carries through to the rest of your daily life. 

#DoYouEDC ? Each and every piece is created with positivity, integrity and care. PIcture here Neon Yellow from our Explorer collection.

#DoYouEDC ? Each and every piece is created with positivity, integrity and care. PIcture here Neon Yellow from our Explorer collection.

Where: We gifting a Beacon Survival package to help 5 Headliners get ready for EDC. We would like to meet you in person in Vegas and give you a great big hug, but if you request it, we will mail it to you before we all leave for the event. Each of our plur packages will come with a custom piece from Beacon Concepts that you can wear everyday when you are dealing with EDC withdrawals come June 22nd.

Whether it is chapstick to help you through the heat or "wipeys" as our favourite old candy momma and poppa from Under the Electric Sky would recommend, the purpose of our collection is to achieve exposure for the positive influence electronic music and its culture can have on daily life.

Wear our NEON collection this year Under The Electric Sky // These are our brightest lights here at Beacon Concepts Co. 

Wear our NEON collection this year Under The Electric Sky // These are our brightest lights here at Beacon Concepts Co. 

If you have a story, about how EDM has impacted your life in a positive way, let us hear it because we want to tell your story. Better yet, if you can demonstrate how sometimes EDM has some of the most classically musical elements of music, we want to know. 

Give us the chance to tell your story // we hope to give you something special in return you can wear everyday. Wear it like a badge of honour because that is what we want to gift you. 

Electric Blue > PEACE 

We will send you a paracord bracelet in electric blue along with some treats to relax before, during and perhaps after the weekend event. We are thinking of bath bombs and potentially Icy Hot.

Acid Purple > LOVE

With this set, we will be making a matching set from the Parallel line. We are looking for couples with a story of how our culture of free and limitless love can be encouraged and strengthen all relationships. 

The Beacon team believes that the couple that raves together does stay together. 

Explorer in ACID PURPLE

Explorer in ACID PURPLE

Neon Yellow > UNITY 

Whether you brought like-minded people together to make a difference or you have helped mend a broken relationship in the past. The mark of quality paracord is when threads are all tightly woven together so you can trust that unity is a core value for all of us here at Beacon.

Neon Orange > RESPECT

We know that one point or another you went out of your way to give and earn respect for the world around you. This can be the most universally lacking value and when we are at EDC, we feel we can change the world. Let us change the world together.

Explorer in NEON ORANGE

Explorer in NEON ORANGE


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