Top 15 Things that Should be in Your Survival Kit

This Saturday, MARCH 21 2015 there will be the Annual Gathering of Airsoft enthusiasts, Airsoft guns, gear and accessory vendors and swap meet // Toronto's only Airsoft Convention. Guns and gear, Teams and attractions, open range, Gear and accessory swap.

$10.00 entry fee @ 2220 Midland Avenue, Unit 76AP Toronto, ON

You can enjoy convention prices with our unreleased survival bands and bracelets and meet the team. In honour of TAC15: Toronto Airsoft Convention we have elected to build some emergency kits with some basic gear everyone should have. Visit us for deals and enter our raffle for a custom piece made on-site.

Your kit should be wind-resistant, waterproof and protect against shock (clanging against packed gear) and clumsy friends. You can use a metal pencil case from grade school or maybe a tackle box. Sometimes small works best and the bigger you build your kit, the less likely you will have it at all times. 

1) Pencils: The ink in pens can freeze and run out where pencils are dependable and can be sharpened with a knife. With a pencil, you can write down information, use as breadcrumbs for a trail, draw a map, or leave a note for your companions.

2) Cue cards: (in the same breadth) can be used for this purpose and it can also be used for kindling to start a fire. You will not be writing any speeches or presentations, but fire and having the ability to orient is definitely helpful. 

3) Matches: we bought strike-anywhere matches and you can get waterproof matches as well. In a pinch, wrap matches with tin foil and pop it in a ziploc bag.

4) Birthday Candles: The birthday candles are meant to help start a fire as it gives you the ability to hold a flame. Perhaps it will bring some good cheer in a less than joyful situation. More importantly, the wax will help keep a fire if you drip it onto kindling. This allows you a few more moments which can make a difference in an emergency situation. 

5) Cotton balls: These can be used to help start a fire or to keep a wound from bleeding.

6) Vaseline: Moisturizing chapped lips and dry skin are a need in embarking on any urban adventure. A small container of vaseline can meet both of those needs. You can fit a small travel sized package in our tins and we would throw this in a backpack any day. When you soak cotton balls in vaseline, you are creating some amazing tinder that aims to give you 2 minutes of reliable flame. Packing a kit where size and weight is always impactful, it is about combining items that can be dually used.

7) Safety pins and buttons: Safety pins can be used to pin a tourniquet together or to hold torn clothes together. It can be used to hold a poncho for cover or even help build a tent.

8) Dental Floss = about 20 inches of floss can be used for a fishing line or sew up torn clothes. You can use the terrible kind that comes in heavy thick rolls. We are looking for the unscented kind folks. The inner threads of paracord can be used similarly. I would think if you needed floss in a pinch, the inner threads seem smoother than the terrible floss we have suggested above. What's lovely is when you can keep a small collection in a sheath that seems cleaner than the paper we have folded into an envelope. Hygiene is a luxury in survival situations but maybe you can go ahead and afford it.

9) Adhesive bandages or bandaids: We have chosen the stuffs that you cut into. You can control the length of your bandage depending on the needs of your wound. If you have a bigger container than our tin, I would recommend a roll of duct tape. 

10) Tin foil: Tin foil can can be used to make a container to catch rain and keep water. You can also use it as a wind break for your fire and it will function as a heat reflector too. We have packaged most of the items on this list for organization purposes but also to waterproof them as much as possible. If you fold up some of it, it can make cooking possible as well.

11) Alcohol cleansing pads: My dad keeps these on him at all times, and he advises against flying with them. The metal that keeps the pad moist will set off the detectors - so will some of the other things on this list. This can be used to sterilize a needle or wound if stitches need to be made. You can also use this for tinder to start a fire.

12) Crayon: This is a nifty little gadget. A crayon will burn for 30 minutes and in a pinch, they are fairly effective for writing as well.   

13) Fishing Hook - with something to act as a weight, you can fish! One of the brilliant ways to use paracord in a survival situation is using the inner threads as a fishing line. You can use your safety pin as a hook if you do not want to go out to grab one of these but we can get a handful for a dollar. 

14) Garbage bags - This can be to hold your belongings, provide water protection and even provide warm if worn between layers. Hypothermia is the fastest way you can die and shelter can be one of the most important factors in any survival situation. If you carry some clear ziploc bags, you can leave bags of water in the sun and have the UV rays kills any bugs in there. This will take a full day of exposure but provide fairly portable water source allowing you to travel.

15) Tea candles - can be used to start a fire. The flame is a bit too small for cooking or even boiling water but it is effective lighting for a short period of time. When wax melts, the top surface is the only part exposed to fire, like the crayon, the wax helps the fire burn longer. It's small and cheap so throw a few in the car along with the duct tape.

Check out our booth this Saturday March 21 2015 @ 10am-5pm