Expedition: White


Expedition: White


The core Beacon Concepts Collection exhibits the ultimate in both function and form. Every Expedition piece features our NEW Spark technology and comes exclusively in TITANIUM.

The Expedition collection comes with our Lifetime Restringing Service and Guarantee. Each Expedition survival bracelet is handwoven in Canada and features a genuine titanium shackle. Wear it daily to be prepared for any setting and all situations. 

We feature this collection in our MIL-C-5040 colours but you can contact us for a custom order for any requested colour from the Beacon spectrum. 

Features and Specifications: 

- High-Grade Genuine Titanium Shackle 

- USA Made Military-Grade MIL-C-5040 Paracord

- Tensile Strength of 550 lbs (249 kg) minimum

- Spark Technology Fire Rod

- Lifetime Restringing Service and Guarantee Included

Featured here in White

Custom size bracelets are available. A popup box will appear when you add the item to your cart. When measuring your wrist, leave two fingers worth of space for comfort. 

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Beacon’s flagship line: inspired by a lifestyle choice, never seeking to achieve anything other than the very ultimate level of excellence.

Made with certified military-grade Paracord, with a tensile strength of 550 lbs (249 kg), and boast a high-grade titanium shackle that is 3.5 times stronger than 316 stainless steel, while being 44% lighter. When unravelled, this bracelet can provide up to 8 feet of incredibly strong and multifunctional Paracord. The pin on this titanium shackle is also secured to ensure that it is never lost while in use. 

The certified high tensile strength ensures that you count on this braid for survival, hunting and camping situations. The 7 inner core strands can also be used in wide variety of purposes. Check our 'About Paracord' page. 

This is REAL USA MIL-C-5040 Paracord. Veterans worldwide know and trust this cord. This bracelet seeks to fulfill a utilitarian need for camping enthusiasts and those committed to effective preparation for outdoor activities.