Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Do you ship internationally

Yes, we ship our products to most countries. If you do not see your country when checking out, do not hesitate to email us at for a shipping quote.

2) When do you ship out my order? 

We ship your order within 48 hours. If there is a delay in your order we will contact you by email. 

3) Is a tracking number provided with my order? 

A tracking number is provided with most shipping options. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order is shipped out. *Please note that a tracking number is not available for the Small Packet - International Air shipping option.

4) Where is your Paracord manufactured? 

Beacon Concepts acquires all its Paracord directly from US Government Contractors that supplies Paracord to the US Armed Services. All Paracord is made in the USA. 

5) What is the difference between MIL-C-5040 Type III and 550 Type III Paracord? 

MIL-C-5040 Paracord is certified military-grade and is used by the US Armed Services. MIL-C-5040 has a ensile strength of 550 lbs (249 kg) - minimum, while 550 Type III Paracord has a maximum tensile strength of 550 lbs (249 kg).

6) What if my Beacon Concepts Co. Paracord bracelet does not fit? 

If your Paracord bracelet does not fit, including custom sized orders, please contact us at for a return number and we will arrange to have a new one sent to you. Additional charges may apply.

7) Will my Beacon Concepts Co. Paracord bracelet shrink? 

Our MIL-C-5040 products will not shrink.


Our 550 Type III Paracord products may shrink between 0.15-0.35". Your Paracord bracelet may feel tight when it gets wet; allow sufficient time for it to dry.

8) Can I use Paracord for climbing activities? 


Paracord is not rated for climbing or repelling activities; nor should it be used as a lifeline. Doing so could result in serious injury or death. 

9) How should I wear my bracelet safely?

You should never wear your Paracord bracelet while you are participating in activities where you may get caught (e.g. rock climbing, repelling, zip lining, etc.). Paracord has a tensile strength of 550 lbs and our shackles have a working load of  > 300 kg, so the bracelet will not come undone or break if it gets caught on something. 

10) How do I become a retailer? 

We are always looking for the possibility of expanding. If you are interested in stocking Beacon Concepts Co. Paracord bracelets, please email Eric at 

11) Questions regarding our Lifetime Braiding Guarantee?

We at Beacon Concepts Co. offer a Lifetime Braiding Guarantee on all of our bracelets. If your Paracord bracelet ever comes undone, we will replace it for you free of charge. Please contact Eric at for a Return Number. 

12) Questions regarding our Free Restringing Service?

We at Beacon Concepts Co. offer our customers a Free Restringing Service when you use your Paracord bracelet. All that you have to do is send Eric an email at for a Restringing Number before sending back.