K-9 BCMC: Neon Yellow


K-9 BCMC: Neon Yellow


Hand woven in Canada with USA made Paracord. Sourcing only the highest quality Paracord and the best connector - Kong Frog - used by climbers. The Kong Frog automatically closes when it comes in contact with link, and can also be released under load. 

Beacon's K-9 leash is unique in that it offers some elasticity, which helps when walking your dog by decreasing the force of his or her pulling. Nylon Paracord is somewhat elastic in nature so force is absorbed and less pressure is applied to your dog when heeling. 


Features and Specifications: 

- 6 Foot Leash

- Italian Made Kong Frog Clip - Main Axis Load of 26 kN (5845 Pounds-Force)

- Command Handle at 2 ft - For Increased Control

- Handles Are Double Braided For Added Padded Comfort

- USA Made 550 Type III Paracord 

- USA Made 550 Type III Reflective Paracord

- Paracord Tensile Strength of 550 lbs (249 kg) Per Strand

- Mildew and Rot Resistant

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